Following the launch of Berghaus’ ‘Time To Get Out’ campaign last year, we continued the idea and created a brand new look for their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2019 collections.

We worked alongside five brilliant photographers. Telling their real stories alongside the photos to showcase just how beautiful the outdoors really is, and reminding us why it’s so important in our hectic, every day lives to take a break and get outside.

The campaign is out in social feeds and outdoor across the UK.

Beth Squire, Jack Anstey, Simon Hird, Sarah Rodgers and Hamish Morrison


All our photographers have a story to tell when it comes to why they love the outdoors. Read their words below.


‘My time spent outdoors is fuelled by the landscape in which I live. My doorstep is built on some of the most incredible landscapes in the UK, leaving me no choice but to explore. The feeling of isolation I get from a Scottish winter hike is like nothing else. The cold air seems to take away all the unwanted noise of everyday life, and brings everything back into perspective. This is why I strive to document the environment that surrounds me, conveying the rawness of the Highlands is what keeps me coming back.’


‘Most of my childhood was spent outdoors. I loved the freedom of wide open spaces from a very early age and this sense of wildness has stayed with me. Getting outside has also had a very positive impact on my mental health. I was diagnosed with ME many years ago, which reduced my energy levels but made me even more determined to experience everything I want to. Living close to the countryside means it is very easy for me to get out. These photos I’ve taken represent what I love to do most, explore!’

Simon Hird

‘Spending time outdoors was a huge part of my childhood. My mum often recites stories of when I was little, asking her to have my breakfast, lunch and dinner up the tree opposite our house. Now I live in a city, and the outdoors offers a place for adventure where I can seek out wide-open spaces to clear my mind. The perspective and the disconnect in these wild places helps me to realign my goals and set aside any worries that quickly become inconsequential when faced with a snow-covered mountain. In a time of ever increasing screen time, spending time outdoors with your friends beyond the ranges of phone signal, gives us all a chance to reconnect with the people and places that we truly care about.’

Sarah Rodgers

‘The feeling of waking up in a tent to cold, fresh air is a feeling like no other. It’s a chance to escape the realities and stresses of day-to-day life. Every worry is left behind and everything is made simple. The only thing left is the calmness of a still morning with nothing but a misty scene in front you. This is what inspires me to get outside in winter, to live these kinds of experiences and feel complete serenity. It reminds me of who I am and what is most important to me, and it is this feeling that keeps me coming back for more.’

Jack Anstey

‘The outdoors is where I feel most at home, most alive and most excited. It’s a place where I can find peace in a beautiful landscape, test my comfort zone whilst climbing mountains, and overcome the difficulties of extreme weather conditions. It’s a chance to escape the craziness of city life, as it’s in the countryside that I find myself completely stress-free. These photos represent what I love to do, and it’s through experiences like these that you grow and develop. I always return from a trip feeling richer as a person.’