Cadbury Boost

Cadbury Boost 2.58

The 2:58pm lull

Cadbury wanted a new campaign for Boost.

So we thought, when would you want one? 2:58pm.

It’s that one minute of the day when life just seems to lull.

When you’re staring at stuff that really doesn’t need staring at, and your mind’s gone for a little wander.

We took the lulliest minute of the day to posters and animated sites across the UK, to social feeds, stories and YouTube. As well as giving away thousands of Cadbury Boost bars to workers in London at our one minute kiosk.

Boost 6s.jpg

The kiosk with the shortest ever opening hours

Canary Wharf. A concrete jungle where the afternoon lull is felt more than most. So in the midst of the grey, we placed something purple. A kiosk, with the notice that it opens precisely at 2:58pm, for one minute only. A fair few intrigued, and surprised faces throughout the day meant that by the time the ‘lulliest’ minute of the day came around, we had hundreds of people just waiting to get their Cadbury Boost - and we had to be quick, the shutter came down after only sixty seconds.