38oC, in London? That’s unheard of, well it wasn’t on the 25th July 2019. Would you believe it was actually cooler in Portugal?

So we told lots of toasty London commuters that they could fly there for some respite.

And it seemed that it resonated, as pictures of the ad ended up all over the internet.


As part of easyJet’s incredible new ‘Imagine’ campaign, we wrote some radio ads to get you dreaming.

And told people to get ‘All Abroad’ in Manchester.


fly with easyjet from..

airports including Gatwick and Southend. Over the past few months, we’ve made campaigns for both, and here are the radio ads.


Final call to book any remaining holiday

You know how it is, some people manage to use all of their holiday by the end of the year, and others have days and days leftover.

And when it get’s to November, it’s getting to the time when you really need to use them or lose them. It’s the final call to book any remaining holiday.


Why not?

Last year, we created a set of radio ads that aired throughout the year.

From city breaks, to beach holidays. Why not?



We put Flowerman in the spotlight in a whole variety of poses to sit alongside easyJet's fantastic destinations.

Relaxing in the sun, taking snaps on a wander, or even rushing to grab those sale seats!