Matt's Ad Breaks

What I get up to in the ad breaks.

Finland Ice Marathon

In February 2018, myself and two friends embarked on an adventure to the cold, to take on the Finland Ice Marathon. We explored the capital Helsinki, before travelling 250 miles north to Kuopio to step foot on a frozen lake. It was something I'd always dreamt of experiencing, and skating on natural ice is just incredible. We even managed 25K in under two hours.


Made for adventure

In Autumn 2014, I travelled to Iceland along with two friends to experience all it had to offer.

From walking on glaciers to snorkelling in meltwater, and simmering in the Blue Lagoon to a helicopter tour over hot springs, it was an epic adventure like no other.

Our trip was booked through Nordic Visitor.


Sailing to Norway


New Years Tea’ve

Winter 2013 saw plenty of the white stuff cover my village in Yorkshire. With older people limited to their local area, New Years Tea’ve was born. A get-together for the over sixties of Scholes, on New Years Eve. All for free, with cakes baked by friends and family and well over a hundred cups of tea made throughout the morning!

The word got out, and it's happened every New Years Eve since.


Project Tea

Boxing Day 2015 saw parts of Yorkshire left underwater from unprecedented flooding. One thing that brings people together - a proper brew. So myself along with fellow Yorkshire creative Jo Wilton sent out one hundred tea packages to affected homes and independent businesses.